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We Gotcha Clipped!™

   At Glove Guard LP, it is our policy to listen to the concerns of people using our products to provide new Simple Tools With Unique Designs™! The original Glove Guard® clip was created to keep gloves with employees so they would be used when needed. This has resulted in reports of reduced glove loss and hand injuries by as much as 86%! The clip was also designed with a redundant safety breakaway system to prevent additional snagging hazards from rotating equipment or climbing ladders.

   The Utility Guard® clip is made with the same quality and safety features of the Glove Guard® clip but with a different attachment method. By sliding it over a belt, waistband or pocket, it keeps gloves higher with less sway when moving. The Handi Klip® glove clip was designed in response to requests from firemen to have a clip that can withstand the extreme flash temperatures of a fire. The Handi Klip® also features a higher breakaway point and enlarged jaws to more easily attach larger gloves.

   The Dual Small-End clip was created from requests by customers who needed a way to keep sleeve protectors in place. This is achieved by attaching the sleeve protector and shirt sleeve together. The Dual Large End clip is easier to open and less fatiguing for those who repeatedly attach and remove their gloves. All of our clips can be imprinted with contact info or safety slogans to reinforce safe working habits. As always, if you have any ideas for a new product or use, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Utility Guard®
Glove Guard®
Dual Large End
Handi Klip®
Dual Small End
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