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Utility Bag™ Safety Tote

Soft Pouch Utility Bag tote

The Soft Pouch Utility Bag™ tote is made of a soft fabric with drawstring closure and is perfect for safety glasses, flashlights and water bottles.

It is available in four colors: Blue with black, High Vis Lime Green, High Vis Orange and High Vis Yellow.

The Open Mesh Utility Bag™ tote has an open weave design for visibility and breathability and uses Velcro® hook and loop closure. The Open Mesh bag is perfect for gas monitors and hand tools.

It is available in 7"x10", 5"x8" and 3"x5" sizes and
in two colors; black and orange.

Open Mesh Sizes
Open Mesh Utility Bag tote

Eyeglass Utility Bag™

The Eyeglass Utility Bag™ tote is a soft, formed, zippered case to hold your prescription glasses, safety glasses or sunglasses while not in use.

It is availabe in a red/black weave or in the new blue/black weave.

Safety Breakaway

Our Utility Bag™ totes feature the patented safety breakaway** to prevent the bags from pulling somone off balance if snagged.

Attachment types

Versatile Design

All of the Utility Bag™ lines are available with either the small Glove Guard® end (clamp) or with the Utility Guard® belt clip.

UB Breakaway

** Non-breakaway versions of select bags are available, please Contact Us for more information.

Utility Bag™ (UB) Safety Tote
GG End UG End Bag Type Bag Size Bag Color
UBDG5X9BL UBDU5X9BL Soft Pouch 5" x 9" Blue with Black
UBDG5X9YW UBDU5X9YW Soft Pouch 5" x 9" High Vis Yellow
UBDG5X9OR UBDU5X9OR Soft Pouch 5" x 9" High Vis Orange
UBDG5X9LG UBDU5X9OR Soft Pouch 5" x 9" High Vis Lime Green
UBMG3X5BK UBMU3X5BK Open Mesh 3" x 5" Black
UBMG3X5OR UBMU3X5OR Open Mesh 3" x 5" Blaze Orange
UBMG5X8BK UBMU5X8BK Open Mesh 5" x 8" Black
UBMG5X8OR UBMU5X8OR Open Mesh 5" x 8" Blaze Orange
UBMB7X10BK UBMU7X10BK Open Mesh 7" x 10" Black
UBMG7X10OR UBMU7X10OR Open Mesh 7" x 10" Blaze Orange
UBZG EYEZIP UBZU EYEZIP Zippered Bag 6" x 4" Red
UBZG EYEZIP BL UBZU EYEZIP BL Zippered Bag 6"x 4" Blue

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All plastic clip products are made and assembled in the USA! Made In USA

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