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Standard Safety Slogans

Available Standard Safety Slogans

Pick from one of our nine Standard Safety Slogans to enhance your safety programs and to remind workers about the importance of Safety.

Standard Safety Slogans (SSS)
GG Part # HK Part # UG Part # SSS
50XX0 50XX4 50XX7 Stop Hand Injuries
51XX0 51XX4 51XX7 Safety A Team Effort
52XX0 52XX4 52XX7 Gloves A Hands Best Friend
53XX0 53XX4 53XX7 Goal: Zero Hand Injuries
54XX0 54XX4 54XX7 Keep Gloves Handy
55XX0 55XX4 55XX7 Give Safety A Hand
56XX0 56XX4 56XX7 Think Safety
57XX0 57XX4 57XX7 Get A "Grip" On Safety!
58XX0 58XX4 58XX7 Safety First
Color Legend For SSS
XX Color
10 Black
20 Blue
21 Metal Detectable
27 Purple
30 Red
31 Fire Red (HK only)
37 Maroon (HK only)
39 High Vis Pink
40 Yellow
41 High Vis Yellow
50 Granite
60 Green
61 Lime Green
62 Signal Green (HK Only)
70 Olive Green
80 Blaze Orange

Use of the Glove Guard® products along with a company's safety program incentive combines the dollars spent with a tool that actually help accomplish the safety goals.

Major companies are using the Glove Guard® products imprinted with our Standard Safety Slogans as safety incentives to get the safety message across while providing a tool to accomplish the safety goal and reduce glove replacement costs.