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Return On Investment

With ROI, decision makers compare the timing and magnitude of expected gains to investment costs. Glove Guard® products have withstood the test of time to provide three aspects of bottom line savings.

1. Use of the Glove Guard® products reduce direct and indirect costs associated with hand injuries. If personal protective equipment is available, it will be used.
"Use of the Glove Guard® has enabled us to far surpass our initial expectations. It has become as common as hard hats and safety glasses. Recordable hand injuries have been reduced by as much as 86%. Thanks for your continued support and assistance in making our site safer and more cost efficient."

-Polymers Group, Mont Belvieu Plant

2. Use of the Glove Guard® products reduces glove replacement costs and the costs associated with environmental cleanup. The patented safety breakaway also provides a level of reduced liability.
"In the last threee months, about 80% of the glove replacement costs is due to lost or misplaced gloves. Your product will greatly help reduce that number."

-Darren Matthews

In the Houston, TX area, several General Contractors on major building sites require the Glove Guard® products for all contractors that work on the premises due to the reduced glove loss. The strong grip of the product ensures that the items stay attached instead of just falling off and the redundant safety breakaway reduces the possibility of an employee being pulled into machinery due to attached items.

3. Use of the Glove Guard® product along with a company's safety program incentive combines the dollars spent with tools that actually helps accomplish the safety goals.
Major companies are using the Glove Guard® products as safety incentives with their company logo, their safety program's slogan or one of our nine Standard Safety Slogans to get the safety message across while providing a tool to accomplish the safety goal and reduce glove replacement costs.